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 Modified SDK which allows bulk uploads to resource.qrc

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BeitragThema: Modified SDK which allows bulk uploads to resource.qrc   Di Mai 25, 2010 8:41 am

Hi, apologies for rudely posting in English but I don't speak German!

I noticed a link to your translation project on the Deep Shadows forum and thought I'd let you know that I've managed to expose the functionality in the SDK (QRE) which allows you to export and import from Excel. Using this version you can easily import all translated dialogs, object names, etc in one go, making things much easier.

Here's a link to the new version of _qre.exe: 11h8p7

And here are some basic instructions:

- make sure NativeLanguage is set to 0 in QRE.DAT
- go into the 'strings' form
- select the rows you want to translate and use the '*debug->set localisation status' function to set their 'translated' status to Yes (2).
- use the '*debug->set editorial status' function to set their 'editor checked' status to No(0).
- run the 'localisation-> editorial export' function, it should pick up the relevant rows based on the statuses you've set above. Answer Yes to anything it asks (note that it will change the selected rows' 'editor checked' status to 'Awaits' (this is important for the import function).
- Edit the XLS file it produces (i was using Excel 2007 but that might not be relevant).
- The first 2 columns should contain the russian and english strings, filter out any that are empty, and then copy the english column over the russian column, save the file.
- Back in QRE, run the 'localisation-> editorial import' function, it should run (can take a while if it's lots of rows) and then ask you a question, answer yes.
- If it all went well then you're done, essentially you've just tricked QRE into overwriting the russian text with the english text.
- You might need to refresh the strings form by selecting a different string type in the dropdown, then you should see your changes.

The process for the non-translated text is the same but obviously the English column will be blank and you'll need to generate the translations yourself before copying it over the Russian.

I've used this on White Gold and Precursors and it worked like a charm.

Greetings from Australia!
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BeitragThema: Re: Modified SDK which allows bulk uploads to resource.qrc   Di Mai 25, 2010 7:15 pm

No problem, english is also a language the most of us understand.

Your modified exe is indeed very very helpful, and I've already found the thread in the "White Gold" forum.
I have to thank you much, also for giving me a hint here my forum. Unfortunatelly there are no german texts in the editor,
except of a few entries for multiplayer, that wasn't integrated in the game (till now).

But this way it will be much more faster to translate and will make a lot things easier! Your name will be honoured in my credits file Cool

Greetings back and big thanks from Germany!
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Modified SDK which allows bulk uploads to resource.qrc
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